Autism Therapies That Many Parents Swear By

Autism isn’t an easy condition to define, nor is it easy to treat.  This wide-spectrum disorder varies a lot in severity and symptoms. Each and every child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will experience different challenges and will react in unique ways when it comes to dealing with these difficulties.

Everyone wants what is best for their child and it can be a nightmare to figure out what the best autism therapies are to help your child overcome challenges and function as normally as possible.  Different autistic children react differently to therapies. For example, some will benefit a great deal from therapies like Hippotherapy while others won’t be affected at all or might even be affected negatively.

A huge variety of therapies and treatments are available for children with autism and sadly there just isn’t enough time or money to give all of these treatments a try.

Here are the top autism therapies that most parents swear by;

Occupational Therapy

This therapy involves using specific activities to assist children with physical or mental restrictions.  Occupational therapists combine work, education, play, leisure and social activities to enhance a child’s ability to function independently, to promote health and to overcome developmental challenges.   Occupational therapy is one of the most successful treatments for autistic children and has even been incorporated in many special needs classrooms.


Speech Therapy

Speech delays are very common in autistic children and this is exactly why speech therapy is one of the best therapies for them.  Speech therapists work closely with children and parents to help children develop speech and language skills as well as their ability to understand others.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is designed to bring about positive behavioral changes in children.  Autistic children commonly deal with behavioral problems because they find it hard to understand others, to communicate and express their feelings and they generally have difficulties with understanding what actions are socially acceptable and what is unacceptable.  ABA therapists have been working with autistic children since the 1960’s and are one of the most effective treatments especially for those with violent behaviors.

Social Skills Classes

Social interaction is a big issue with autistic children.  They find it challenging to understand body language, to read facial expressions and to communicate effectively.  Autistic children also find it hard to fit in with their peers because they have a different point of view which leaves them out of sync with the rest of the group when they are interacting.  Social skills classes focus on interacting with others and on improving personal reactions such as making eye contact.


Hippotherapy or horseback riding doesn’t benefit all autistic children since many of them can be afraid of horses or can simply reject the experience since it is out of routine, learn more about the various treatments over at the disability learning platform, Think Organise Do.  But this therapy does benefit quite a lot of autistic children and promotes social interaction, development of motor skills and communication skills.


The Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet is a diet that excludes consumption of dairy products and gluten protein products.  While this diet is mostly designed for those with medical conditions such as gluten sensitivities and celiac disease, the diet has been beneficial for some autistic children.

Psychiatrist therapy

Psychiatrist therapy is used by plenty of parents and does assist many children with behavioral problems, emotional instabilities, anger issues and more. This therapy can be especially good for helping the entire family accept one another and find balance.

There are quite a few remedies and therapies out there for autistic children and the only way for parents to know if therapies will be effective is by giving them a try.   The best therapies for autistic children include occupational therapy, speech therapy, ABA therapy and social skills therapy although plenty of other therapies like swimming or sports could also have tremendously positive results.