What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag?

The nursery furniture has been purchased and arranged to perfection – tick.

The baby clothes are already hanging in the wardrobe on satin covered hangers and folded neatly in drawers – tick.

You’ve made sure the pantry is stocked with basic ingredients so you always have something on hand for dinner when you’re busy with baby during the day and don’t get a chance to run to the shops – tick.

But, have you remembered to pack your hospital or birthing bag?

It’s very easy to go over the top when packing your bag for the birth and people will try and tell you that you “have to” have a myriad of things by your side but having gone through this process myself, I can honestly say that you can have a comfortable stay in hospital or your birthing suite without taking everything in your nursery (or house) along with you!

We’ve put together a list of items that you may like to consider when packing your bag, and since babies don’t always come on their due dates, we suggest that you have your bag ready to go at least 4 weeks beforehand.

  • Loose fitting nightie or PJ’s (you don’t want waistbands being too tight around your tummy)
  • Dressing gown and slippers (for getting around the ward, and for when visitors come to see you)
  • Comfortable underwear (we recommend taking 10 pairs with you…just in case)
  • Sanitary pads and disposable breast pads
  • Maternity bras (we recommend taking two with you)
  • Trackpants/long sleeve or short sleeve tops/cardigan/loose fitting maxi dress
  • Plastic bags (for dirty clothes)
  • oiletry bag containing:
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • sponge and a mild soap
  • hair brush & hair ties (if you have long hair)
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • moisturiser
  • make up (just the bare minimum – foundation or mineral powder, blush, mascara and lip gloss)
  • deodorant (we suggest choosing a soap-free deodorant so that it does affect your natural scent – a highly perfumed deodorant or soap may interfere with the important skin to skin contact with your little one)
  • Wondersuits with cuffed sleeves to prevent bub scratching their face, and to keep them toasty (we recommend taking around 4-5 of these – there are likely to be little accidents during change times!)
  • Soft cotton vests/singlets (4-5 of these)
  • Newborn nappies (the hospital or birthing suites usually provide a small quantity but it’s best to take a packet of your own with you – a newborn’s nappy needs changing at least every two hours or so)
  • Beanie
  • Bunny rug (2 of these should suffice, the hospital will provide blankets for the crib during your stay)
  • A going home outfit for you and your bub!

We also suggest that you have your healthcare / Medicare cards with you as there is paperwork to be completed after baby is born.

You may also like to take along your favourite relaxing music, a phone (and the charger of course!), massage oil, and a camera.

And most importantly, ensure you have your baby seat or capsule fitted at least 4-6 weeks before baby is due. Not only will you know it’s done and can be crossed off the “to do” list, but you won’t be able to leave hospital by car without one!